Bandit Hand-fed Wood Chippers

Hand-Fed Chippers

Bandit's legacy was built on hand-fed wood chippers, and they remain the front-line wood chippers of choice for tree services. Innovative features like Bandit's Slide Box Feed System, patented Power Slot, large drums and smooth discharges make these the most powerful and productive wood chippers available.

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Bandit Beast

The Beast®

The Beast® revolutionised the world of recycling when it entered the scene in 1995. Featuring a patented cuttermill that turns downward, these versatile horizontal grinders are best known for producing high-quality mulch from a range of wood products. Optional chipping drums also allow The Beast® to product screened chips for biomass fuel wood markets.

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Bandit Stump Grinders

Stump Grinders

Bandit® Stump Grinders are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit any stump grinding job. These rugged machines range from small handlebar controlled stump grinders for backyard projects to large self-propelled track machines used for high-production land clearing operations.

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Bandit Whole Tree Chippers

Whole Tree Chippers

Bandit® whole tree chippers are legendary for their ability to pull in, crush and compress the largest trees, forked limbs and stubborn tops, all while leading the industry for production, fuel efficiency and chip quality. Built by specialised teams using the highest quality components with thorough welded construction, Bandit® Whole Tree Chippers provide years of reliable service.

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Bandit Stationary Wood Chippers

Stationary Chippers

Bandit® stationary saw/chip mill chippers use the proven chipper designs found in Bandit's popular line of whole tree chippers. Stationary Chipper packages include Bandit's Slide Box Feed System to control the flow of wood and stumps within inches of the chipper knives, increasing chip quality and uniformity.

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