Safety should always be your number one priority of every person on your premises

WP Chipper Hire & Sales t/a Africa Biomass Company is very proud to adhere to safety when it comes to Bandit machinery and products. Whether it is through demo’s on our or clients’ premises we consistently exceed the safety requirements and recommended practices that are synonymous with Bandit Wood Chippers.

Regardless of the time and efforts that are invested by Bandit Industries Inc. in their wood chippers to minimise risks and accidents, they can still happen. This is mostly due by unconventional usage and operational procedure by the operator. This is definitely true among professional operators who have become accustomed to Bandit’s equipment and take safety for granted. It is important that you understand the risks and operational procedure of each and every Bandit equipment you own. This will only increase your safety, but also the safety of those working with you.

This section focuses on the safe operations and special features on Bandit’s equipment to help promote the safety.

It is important to note that this section is not a substitute for the user manuals, safety signs and video’s offered on our website or on Bandit Industries Inc.’s website.

Do you need a operations and safety video or manual for your Bandit wood chipper? Contact Africa Biomass Company at +27 (23) 342 1212 or your Africa Biomass Company sales agent for more information.

Bandit Chippers Operation Best Practices

These general tips apply to ALL Bandit equipment that you own or rent. We recommend that you always refer to your start-up/operations manual and videos for equipment operations.

1. Personnel Safety

Your and bystander safety should always be your number one priority. Make sure that you wear PPE gear (hard hat, safety boots, gloves, long shorts and safety goggles) when operating a Bandit wood chipper. Remove any loose clothing, large cuffed gloves, jewellery or anything that might get snagged by the machine you are operating.

2. Bandit Chipper Function & Proper Working Conditions

Before every start-up, you MUST make sure that all safety devices, guards, shields and controls are securely in place. Always make sure that these parts are functioning properly and in a proper working condition.

3. No Drugs & Alcohol

Never operate a Bandit wood chipper if you or an operator is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. Fire Extinguisher

Always make sure that a fully charged, operational and regularly serviced fire extinguisher is nearby.

5. Clear Work Zone

Make sure that no unauthorised persons without PPE gear come near a Bandit wood chipper that is currently operating. Should unauthorised personnel or animals enter the work zone, shut down the Bandit chipper immediately. Only adults are allowed to operate a Bandit Wood Chipper.

6. Discharge Materials

Make sure that no objects or materials from the Bandit Chipper are discharged towards people, animals, vehicles or buildings.

7. Hydraulic Leaks

Avoid going near hydraulic leaks. Hydraulic fluid, under pressure, can easily pierce the skin. This can lead to serious injury and fatalities. Hot fluid can cause burned skin. Therefore it is important to never check for hydraulic leaks without wearing safety gloves.

8. Bandit Chipper Repairs

Never operate a Bandit chipper that needs repairs. This can cause serious damage to the equipment and increased repair costs as well as loose parts causing damage or death to the operator and bystanders.

9. Wheel Chocks

When using a towable Bandit Chipper, always to secure the machine with wheel chocks. Towable Bandit chippers must always be connected to a tow vehicle when the machine is in use.

10. Bandit Chippers in Transit

Never sit, stand, lay or climb on a Bandit Wood Chipper that is in transit. Always make sure the Bandit Chipper is completely shut down and the key is removed before moving the machine.

11. During Operation

Never ever open, leave open or close any hoods, doors or guards during operation or coasting to stop. Ignoring this important safety precaution can cause serious injuries and/or even death.

Special Features

These specials features highlighted in this section complies to all Bandit Chippers. Always consult your operator’s manual for correct features of your Bandit Chipper.

Pusher Paddle

The pusher paddle was designed to feed smaller stumps and branches into the Bandit wood chipper. This allows the operator to push materials from the infeed tray into the feed wheels. Under no circumstances are operators allowed to push materials into the feed wheels beyond the leading edge of the infeed hopper. Should you find that you push paddle is damaged or missing, contact Africa Biomass Company for a replacement.

Last Chance Cables

Bandit Wood Chippers Last Chance CablesThese cables, located inside the infeed hopper, is Bandit’s patented last-resort or “last chance” procedure to avoid serious injury or death. Whenever a negligent operator finds himself in a position where he is pulled towards the feed wheels, he can reverse the direction or stop the machine by pulling these “Last Chance” cables. These cables are for emergency use only and should never be pulled while the Bandit machine is in use during normal operation.

Line/Rope Shear Device

The line/rope shear device is a patent-pending device and comes standard on all Bandit drum-style hand-fed wood chippers. This device is installed in the drum housing and acts basically as a counter-blade. It was designed to improve the chance of severing a rope, line or similar item should it be drawn into the chipper blades.

Folding Infeed Trays

A folding infeed tray is standard with all Bandit hand-fed wood chippers and assists with transportation. Whenever the Bandit chipper is operational, these folding infeed trays must be locked in the open position. As soon as the machine is being transported, the infeed trays must be locked in a locked position. Always make sure that the folding infeed trays are in proper operational condition at all times. Heavy-duty, non-folding trays are available and optional.

Lock Pins

These chipper hood lock pins are designed with a keyed padlock and come standard in all Bandit hand-fed chippers. The padlock ensures that chipper hoods and doors are closed before and during operation.

Engine Disable Plug

Part of the chipping discs and drums housing, the engine disable plug is connected to the hood lock pin. This ensures that the locking pin is properly installed, or the engine will not operate.

Hood Spring Lock Pin

These patented hood spring lock pins are standard on all disc-style wood chippers. This pin disables the opening the hood while the disk is still spinning by retracting the movement of the hood lock pin.

Safety Decals

All Bandit chippers come with safety decals located on the machine. These decals contain important safety information and should always be adhered to. They are there to assist the operator to safely operate the Bandit Chipper. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the instructions listed on these decals. It is the operators’ and owners’ responsibility to always keep these decals in a readable condition. Should you need to replace any of the decals, you can contact Africa Biomass Company at +27 (23) 342 1212.

Bottom Bump Bar

The bottom bump bar is located at the bottom of the infeed tray. When tripped, the bump bar cuts the hydraulic power to the feed system. Due to the fact that the bottom bump bar is powered hydraulically, it can resist accidental engagement from materials entering the Bandit wood chipper normally. In the event of an emergency, the operator can utilise the bottom bump bar to disengage the feed system.

Feed Wheel Engage

This is a standard feature on hand-fed Bandit chippers and utilises a foot pedal to operate the feed wheels. Once an operator depresses the foot pedal, the system engages and disengage when the pressure is removed from the tethered pedals.

We hope that these safety tips and features will allow you to enjoy your Bandit Chipper as it should be enjoyed, without any injuries or fatalities.

For more questions or comments regarding the safety procedures of your Bandit Chipper, please contact ABC Bandit Chipper at +27 (23) 342 1212 or your Africa Biomass Company sales agent.