“To provide a worldwide service and infrastructure that is sustainable and above par, taking into account the unique requirements of each client, without deviating from our policy of innovative service and high ethical standards.”
– WP Chipper Hire & Sales t/a Africa Biomass Company Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement speaks of our commitment to customer service and support. This has been the cornerstone of Africa Biomass Company’s philosophy and today, it is even stronger than ever. If you own a Bandit chipper – regardless of the age or use – this mission statement is your guarantee of our dedication and commitment.

As a service provider offering our services to a wide range of customers, our own Bandit equipment had to be serviced and repairs had to be made. As service centres for Bandit chippers were non-existent, Africa Biomass Company has expanded its reach in the Bandit product service sector in Southern Africa.

We are the Best (and only) Bandit Service Company in Southern Africa

ABC Bandit Chippers Support - Field Services

Working mostly with Bandit equipment, we had to service and repair our own machines and ABC depend on our own expertise to minimise equipment’s downtime. Therefore we can say with confidence that we are the only and best Bandit equipment servicing company in Southern Africa. Our off- and on-site technicians know Bandit equipment through and through. You will not find better anywhere else in Southern Africa – or in Africa for that matter.

Bandit Product Support Department is Here to Help: +27 23 342 1212

Whether you purchased your Bandit wood chipper, new or used, free product and technical assistance is just a phone call away. When you call our offices (+27 23 342 1212) you’ll be connected to a group of individuals with a passion for Bandit wood chippers. These individuals have decades of combined experience in the wood chipper industry and Bandit chippers. Our specialists will provide you with guidance on everything from chipper functions to maintenance procedures, electrical issues and much more. This service is available to anyone, regardless of the age or warranty status of your Bandit wood chipper.

Expanding Dealer Network in Southern Africa

Strong dealer support for your Bandit equipment is critical in minimising downtime. Africa Biomass Company’s dealer network continues to expand. All our dealers receive specialised training in products, parts and service to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Furthermore, each dealer must continue to meet certain requirements to remain part of the Bandit extended family.

Fast Parts Delivery To Minimise Downtime

ABC Bandit Chippers PartsOur dealers in Southern Africa stock a good supply of common maintenance and repair items to get you what you need, when you need it. The total value of our parts in all branches/partner dealerships exceeds R4 million. For our less common items, dealers or customers can reach Africa Biomass Company directly at +27 23 342 1212. Experts are on-hand Monday to Thursdays from 7.30 am to 5 pm and Fridays from 7.30 am to 4 pm to answer questions and to place orders. Expedited shipping is available for any order.

After hours support number: +27 64 757 3793

On-site Service From Trained Technicians

ABC’s on-site service technicians are professionals and qualified when it comes to Bandit chippers. Our success as a wood chipping service provider depends on our on-site technicians to minimise downtime should a problem arise with one of our Bandit chippers. This makes them professionals and unique in servicing and repairing Bandit wood chippers. You won’t find better Bandit technicians anywhere in Africa.

For large Bandit equipment, such as whole tree chippers or The Beast® horizontal grinders, Bandit-certified technicians can make on-site visits to your operation for specialised service or repairs. For more information on this individualised service, speak to your ABC representative.

Transport To Workshop Facility

ABC Bandit Chippers Chipper Transport

As part of our commitment to support we also provide transport for your Bandit wood chipper to our nearest workshop. This will allow us to serve you more efficiently and another way we are minimising downtime of your Bandit chipper.

We are proud to say that our total workshop space at our headquarters, in Worcester, exceed 1 750 m2.

Complete Machine Overhaul by Technicians

Africa Biomass Company’s workshop is the answer for those who aren’t ready to give up their trusty friends but need help getting them back in shape. With decades of direct, hands-on expertise in wood chipping equipment, our workshop staff can literally make your old machine new again. This service isn’t restricted to just Bandit chippers – from the smallest stump grinders to the largest whole tree chipper, Africa Biomass Company’s workshop can revitalise your chipper and back it up with a limited warranty. For more information on this individualised service speak to an Africa Biomass Company representative.

We Welcome You To Visit Us

Should you be interested in a Bandit Wood Chipper, we invite you to come and visit us at our headquarters in Worcester, Western Cape. Come and spend a day with us and we will show you what a Bandit Chipper can do for you. We would love to welcome you into the Bandit family.