Bandit HB20 Sidewinder Stump Grinder

HB20 Sidewinder

The Bandit® Model HB20 Stump Grinder features a unique center-pivot design that takes the work out of using a handlebar stump grinder. Self-propelled with a 25 HP engine and a 380 mm diameter cutter wheel, the Model HB20 is both easy to use and very effective on small and even medium-sized stumps, making it a favourite small stump grinder for rental companies and stump grinding professionals. Its small size makes it easy to fit any backyard door with ease.

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Bandit Model 2650 Stump Grinder

Model 2650

The Bandit® Model 2650 Stump Grinder is an outstanding mid-range stump grinder with standard four-wheel drive and aggressive diesel engine options for power. This machine is also available with an expandable rubber-track undercarriage for excellent all-terrain capability while still fitting through backyard gates. It can tackle big stumps and also handle small backyard removals.

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Bandit Model 2900 Stump Grinder

Model 2900

A long-time track favourite for tree service companies, stump grinding professionals and land clearing contractors, the Model 2900 Track Stump Grinder delivers big horsepower and grinding power in a package that retains a good deal of manoeuvrability. It rides on a turf-friendly rubber track undercarriage that can expand to 1.4 m for stability, and retract to 900 mm to clear narrow backyard gates. A very wide side-to-side cutter swing with big horsepower options make the 2900T the best choice for grinding big stumps quickly and efficiently.

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Bandit Model 2250R Stump Grinder

Model 2250R

The Bandit® Model 2250R Stump Grinder is compact, cost-effective and aggressive when it comes to performance. Featuring a 530 mm diameter cutter wheel with direct hydrostatic drive and a class-leading side-to-side cutter swing, it can grind small and medium-sized stumps quickly and efficiently. Flotation tyres and a two-wheel drive self-propelled undercarriage takes the 2250R across delicate lawns and backyard gates without any issues.

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Bandit Model 2600 Stump Grinder

Model 2600

The Bandit® Model 2600 Towable Stump Grinder is a powerful mid-range, cost-effective stump grinder for medium to large-sized stumps. Diesel power provides plenty of muscle for grinding large stumps, while a standard telescoping tongue and wide cutter swing make for minimal repositioning at the stump. It rides on a single heavy-duty single axle for easy towing and manoeuvring.

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Bandit Model 3100 Stump Grinder

Model 3100

The all-new Bandit Model 3100 Towable Stump Grinder is a high-production, cost-effective stump grinder ideally suited for municipalities, fleet use, and for operations grinding large stump in easy-to-reach areas. It's the largest towable stump grinder offered by Bandit, featuring a 122 HP diesel engine and a large 790 mm diameter cutter wheel.

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Bandit Model 2250 Stump Grinder

Model 2250

The Bandit® Model 2550 Stump Grinder has quickly become one of Bandit’s most popular stump grinders. It has the all-terrain capability to reach remote stumps but still retains excellent manoeuvrability as both a wheeled and track machine to carefully traverse delicate lawns, fitting through 900 mm gates. Combined with a wide grinding swing, the Model 2550 has the versatility to handle both large stumps in land clearing projects and small backyard removals.

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Bandit Model 2890 Stump Grinder

Model 2890

Bandit’s largest wheeled stump grinder is a popular choice for companies needing a high-performance machine capable of quickly clearing large stumps, yet still has the size and manoeuvrability for backyard removals. With a broad cutter swing and aggressive horsepower, the Model 2890SP Stump Grinder can grind a 610 mm diameter stump in a matter of minutes, making it a versatile stump grinder.

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