Bandit Model 90XP Disc Style Hand-Fed Wood Chipper

The Bandit® Model 90XP Disc Style Hand-Fed Wood Chipper has a distinguished career of well over 20 years, serving tree care professionals, rental companies and municipalities needing a productive, cost-effective, and durable hand-fed chipper. Whether working brush clearing, utility clearing, or rental duties, this fleet-favorite features a wide throat opening and Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System. It’s extremely productive and efficient in processing large amounts of brush at once, as well as big limbs and small trees.

The Model 90XP is a compact, highly maneuverable 230 mm capacity disc-style chipper. This easy-to-tow chipper features a 430 x 240 mm opening that allows it to process multiple stems as well as large diameter wood up to 230 mm. The Bandit Model 90XP Wood Chipper comes with the same powerful feed system found on larger Bandit® machines, engine options from 37 – 89 HP, and is backed by Bandit’s five-year GUTS warranty. All that and more is what makes the Bandit Model 90XP Hand-Fed Chipper one of the most popular chippers for professionals.

Key Features and Options

Towable Track PTO
  • 345˚ rotating height-adjustable discharge chute with adjustable chip deflector
  • Petrol or Diesel engines available
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Wide 430 x 230 mm throat opening
  • Optional hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinder
  • Optional 270˚ hydraulic swivel discharge
  • Optional hydraulic winch
  • 270˚ hydraulic swivel discharge
  • Gas or Diesel engines available
  • Hydraulic lift cylinder for top feed wheel
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Wide 430 x 230 mm throat opening
  • Optional hydraulic winch
  • Available in either a 3-point hitch or Trailer type
  • Optional 1000-RPM PTO drive

Extremely Easy To Service And Maintain

The chipper hood opens making it easy to get to the blades. Bolt-in blades are easy to change and reversible, with two usable edges before the blades need to be sharpened. All grease points are easy to reach, and all other service areas are easy to access.

Fuel Efficient

The chipping angle and precise blade angle, along with the synchronized feed system, produces uniform chips, reduces fuel consumption and vibration while reducing the amount of energy required to convert trees and brush into chips.

Powerful Slide Box Feed System

The Model 90XP features 2x 190 mm diameter feed wheels that crush and compress material and have the power to pull long material into the chipper. The Model 90XP also features 2x powerful 15.9 CID hydraulic motors. A dual feed wheel system drastically increases pulling and compressing power. Operators will spend less time trimming and repositioning material, leading to greater productivity.

Wide Chipper Openings

The Model 90XP chipper throat opening is 430 x 230 mm and in-feed hopper opening is 740 mm high by 890 mm wide. A wide opening allows multiple pieces to be fed and provides a bigger opening for limby or crotchy material, increasing production and reducing the amount of trimming required to process material. Operators are more productive and less fatigued.

Bandit® Model 90XP Disc Style Hand-Fed Wood Chipper Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

Capacity: 230 mm 230 mm 230 mm
Opening: 430 x 230 mm 430 x 230 mm 430 x 230 mm
Width: 1.8 m 2.0 m 1.7 m
Height: 2.4 m 2.4 m 2.5 m
Length (open): 5.0 m 5.2 m 3.0 m
Length (closed): 4.2 m 4.5 m 2.3 m
Weight: 2.2 ton 3.4 ton 1.1 ton
Feed Rate: 27 m/min 27 m/min  27 m/min
Fuel Tank: 90 litre 150 litre
Hydraulic Tank: 26 litre 130 litre 28 litre
Engine Range: 49.5 HP 49.5 HP