Bandit Model 200XP Disc Style Hand-Fed Wood Chipper

For a quarter century, 300 mm capacity Bandit® Model 200XP disc-style hand-fed wood chippers have served tree care professionals and municipalities around the world. The mid-size Bandit Model 200XP Track Wood Chipper takes that legacy straight to the trees with a 2-speed CAT 303CR rubber-track undercarriage. With a 430 x 355 mm throat opening and dual feed wheels in Bandit’s Slide Box Feed system, it’s a favorite for municipalities and tree services seeking a powerful all-terrain chipper that’s still compact, maneuverable and treads with a light footprint.

The Model 200XP Wood Chipper is our mid-range 300 mm disc-style chipper. This unit is slightly bigger than the Bandit Model 150XP Hand-Fed Wood Chipper, featuring a 1.1 m wide in-feed tray. The Bandit Model 200XP Chipper is best suited for those tree services that specialize in utility line clearance due to its faster feed rate, allowing it to quickly dispose of a wide variety of material. It is also highly maneuverable and built using steel welded construction for durability as opposed to bolt-together techniques. A wide chipper opening along with powerful gas and diesel engine options make this unit a real workhorse.

Key Features and Options

Towable Track PTO
  • 270˚ hydraulic swivel discharge
  • Petrol or Diesel engines available
  • Hydraulic lift cylinder for top feed wheel
  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Optional reversing auto feed
  • Optional hydraulic bottom bump bar
  • Optional hydraulic winch
  • 345˚ rotating height-adjustable discharge chute with adjustable chip deflector
  • Petrol or Diesel engines available
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Optional hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinder
  • Optional hydraulic bottom bump bar
  • Optional 270˚ hydraulic swivel discharge
  • Optional hydraulic winch
  • Available in either a 3-point hitch or Trailer type
  • Optional 1000-RPM PTO drive

Powerful Slide Box Feed System

The Model 200XP is equipped with two horizontal 430 mm wide by 190 mm diameter feed wheels mounted in Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System. This system uses direct down pressure, making it easy to feed and chip large diameter branches, multiple stems and small trees. The dual feed wheels are powered by aggressive hydraulic motors generating not just adequate, exceptional force to aggressively pull in and compress limby material.

High Velocity Discharge

Smooth transitions from the chipper housing to the discharge chute allow the Model 200XP to throw harder and farther than competing machines. With the Model 200XP, you’ll load chip vans faster with more product per load.

Rugged Components

Heavy-duty components help ensure long life and trouble-free operation, even when chipping tough material. The
chipper disc, housing and shaft are built using the highest quality steel to stand up to the toughest material.

Custom Features & Options

You can customize your Model 200XP Bandit® chipper to meet your specific needs. We provide the best features and options such as winches, reversing auto-feed, numerous engine configurations, special colors and more, allowing you to set up your chipper to meet your needs.

Bandit® Model 200XP Disc Style Hand-Fed Wood Chipper Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

  Towable Track PTO
Capacity: 300 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Opening: 430 x 360 mm 430 x 360 mm 430 x 360 mm
Width: 1.8 m 1.8 m 2.9
Height: 2.5 m 2.5 m 2.6
Length (open): 5.1 m 5.1 m 2.8
Length (closed): 4.4 m 4.4 m 2.3
Weight: 2.6 ton 2.6 ton 1.6 ton
Feed Rate: 37 m/min 35 m/min
Fuel Tank: 110 liters 110 litres
Hydraulic Tank: 40 liters 45 litres 45 litres
Engine Options: 84.5 – 115 HP 84.5 – 115 HP