The Promise of Wood Chippers

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The Promise of Wood Chippers

If you are in the wood recycling business, you will need reliable and tough wood chippers.

In Southern Africa, ABC Bandit Chippers is the sole reseller for Bandit wood chippers. ABC has various wood chippers for sale. This allows you to find the best option for your needs.

Should you struggle to find the best option, ABC’s sales consultant is there to assist you every step of the way.

What is a wood chipper?

A wood chipper is a mechanical device that is used to cut down wood into smaller pieces. Agricultural businesses uses wood chippers as part of their maintenance equipment.

It is rather expensive to buy a wood chipper, especially if you do not use it often. So, in the event that you might need one, you can contact a wood chipper service company. It is more efficient as you do not have to do any hard labour.

How do they work?

A powered rotating disc is used to cut down the wood into pieces. It has one or more blades that are mounted on this disc. The wood is inserted into its intake chute wherein they are cut into tiny pieces and spat out in the discharge chute.

Electric motors or diesel engines powers wood chippers whiole PTO models are also available. Most models that use electric motors are stationary. They are ideal if you have a factory where you will need to recycle timber waste on regular basis.

Diesel models can also handle big jobs and recycle whole trees. They are the most common option. You can tow these wood chippers behind your bakkie or even a truck.

Some diesel-powered Bandit wood chippers are very powerful with engine capacities of up to 1200 horsepower. This can effortlessly turn large piles of chunk wood or storm debris to mulch piles.

Just a reminder though, when operating wood chippers, one must take precautionary steps to avoid accidents. Never wear loose clothing that might get caught in the chipper. Also, do not feed your chipper with too much wood.

The Benefits of using wood chipper

Using wood chippers actually, offers a number of advantages:

Helping out the environment by recycling green wastes. They are extremely beneficial if you have a whole backyard of trees that you need to manage or cut down.

Burning wood is prevented, thus much less air pollution is put into the environment.

The wood chipper produces wood chips. You can use these wood chips as mulch where they help enrich your garden soil. Wood chips is also ideal for compost and/or biofuel.

Generate income. Most gardeners or farmers know that wood chips are a good fertilizer. By selling them, you can make money. This way, you will turn a pile of waste that is occupying precious space in your lawn into some income.

Do you need a wood chipper?

Farmers often use a wood chipper, especially fruit and wine farmers. Generally, a big pileup of fallen branches, leaves, stumps, barks and other shreddable material can be ground to form a mulch.

If your acres of forest produce plenty of this shreddable waste most times of the year, owning a wood chipper, rather than renting, can be a convenient decision for you that will, in the long run, save you money.

If you belong to this group, then it is beneficial and convenient for you to buy a wood chipper.

Some advantages of having your own wood chipper

It is more convenient as you can immediately have access to it any time of the day or the week.

It is more efficient rather than hiring a contractor service to remove those logs.

It reduces your work for the day. Instead of manually cutting the wood to pieces and make sawdust, the machine can do it for you.

You can rent it out when it is not in use, giving you a revenue stream. This money can fuel the chipper for your own use or meet its maintenance costs.

Types of wood chippers

Choosing the right wood chipper relevant for your needs is essential to effectively do your work. If it is for household jobs, you do not need a large, expensive chipper that would ideally fit industrial needs.

Instead, a hand-fed drum chipper or even a PTO wood chipper (should you own a tractor) can conveniently meet your smaller tasks.

This chipper can work well for small-scale land developers and some parks where people manually feed it. ABC Bandit Chippers sports the Intimidator XP series, reintroduced last year and boasting enhanced chipping capacity.

Bandit Whole Tree Chippers

Whole tree chippers, on the other hand, are more powerful and conveniently utilizes all parts of a tree. You can pick up leftover slash and put it through the wood chipper thus nothing goes to wast and overall more return on investment.

ABC Bandit Chippers have several wood chipper models. These ranges from small hand-fed PTO wood chippers and towable hand-fed chippers to powerhouse models that aggressively compresses a huge tree and its forked branches with ease.

Bandit The Beast® Horizontal Recycler

The Bandit Beast® Recycler wood chipper is effective for waste recycling. It is ideal for sawmills, tree yards and small to big municipalities who want to easily turn slash, barks and other unwanted pieces into a useful substance like mulch or biofuel.

Bandit Stump Grinders

Finally, stump grinders provide a way to turn that stubborn stump, irrespective of its size, into chips. They range from small sized chippers that will effortlessly clear the medium sized stumps to powerful, high-performance ones that can grind large stumps in a matter of minutes. ABC Bandit Chippers has various models of stump grinders to meet your needs.

Knowing the differences of each chipper gives you an idea on which one you think will suit you best based on your area and how often you need to use them.

It is always a smart move to buy a wood chipper. However, wood chipping needs professional handling.

Need the right wood chipper for your needs?

Contact us if you would like more information on the wide range of Bandit wood chippers we have on offer. Our sales consultants are standing by to give you the best advice and the best deal to suit your budget and needs.

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