Find The Best Stump Grinder for Sale

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Find The Best Stump Grinder for Sale

A stump grinder is a very powerful attachment tool which is used to remove tree stumps. If you are looking for a reliable and tough stump grinder for sale, you don’t need to look further than ABC Bandit Chippers.

Bandit is one of the most reliable and experienced wood chipper manufacturing companies in the world.

Therefore Africa Biomass Company provides various stump grinders for sale in Southern Africa. We had to rely on our own workshop personnel and field services to repair and service our very own Bandit wood chippers. This has led ABC to become experts when it comes to Bandit equipment, especially stump grinders.

Undoubtedly Bandit equipment and tools have a great reputation because of the reliability and durability of its various equipment. Africa Biomass Company has become the only reseller and service provide for all Bandit equipment in South Africa.

Some Stump Grinder For Sale by ABC Bandit Chippers

Here is a glimpse of some of the best Bandit stump grinders that you can buy for you based on your needs and requirements:

HB20 Sidewinder

This is a great stump grinder by Bandit which has some really unique features and amazing configuration. The centre-pivot design is quite unique and can be highly beneficial for better functionality.

It is equipped with a 25 HP engine and a 380mm diameter cutter wheel which is very easy to use as well as very efficient on small or medium sized stumps.

View the Bandit HB20 Sidewinder Stump Grinder

Model 2250R

This is a compact yet aggressive stump grinder which is quite cost-effective. If you look at the performance of this grinder then you will surely be amazed. It features a 530 mm diameter cutter wheel which has a direct hydrostatic drive with a class-leading cutter swinging side-to-side.

It is an excellent option to grind small as well as medium sized stumps quite quickly and efficiently. You can easily use this grinder across your delicate lawns and backyard gates because of the flotation tyres and two-wheel drive.

View the Bandit Model 2250R Stump Grinder

Model 2650

The Bandit grinder model 2650 is one of the best mid-range grinders that has a standard 4-wheel drive and an option for an aggressive diesel engine. This machine also comes with an expandable rubber-track undercarriage for a great all-terrain capability.

It will still fit through your backyard gate. This is the perfect grinder to take care of the big stumps as well as the small removals of your backyard.

View the Bandit Model 2650 Stump Grinder

Model 2600

This model is a towable stump grinder which is a powerful, mid-range and cost-effective Bandit stump grinder that can tackle both medium and large sized stumps. It is very efficient and can effectively perform the grinding.

The diesel provides plenty of power to grind the large stumps easily and fast. This model is mainly used for the heavy-duty grinding. Towing and manoeuvring are quite easy due to the heavy-duty single axle.

View the Bandit Model 2600 Stump Grinder

Why Should You Choose Bandit Wood Chippers?

ABC Bandit Chippers/Africa Biomass Company is a very popular name in Southern African grinders and in the chipper industry. It is renowned for selling, repairing and servicing some of the best high-quality and efficient chipper and grinding machines.

If you are looking for one such grinder, then this can be the best place for you to buy. Besides the above-mentioned grinders, there are many more stump grinders for sale from ABC Bandit Chippers.

Bandit equipment is designed with quality and longevity in mind. Whether you are looking a perfect machine to continue the grinding and chipping operations, you will get it all from us.

If you are looking for some strong and efficient equipment and tools, then ABC Bandit Chippers is the perfect place from where you can get everything related wood chipping and stump grinding.

We have a huge collection of various chippers and grinders with different types of configurations. You can thus choose the best grinder or chipper for you based on your needs and requirements.


If you are looking for a reliable and tough stump grinder or sale you will not find a better place than ABC Bandit Chippers.

If you are not sure you are welcome to give our sales consultants a call. They will happily assist you to get the best possible stump grinder for sale that will suit your business.

With this in mind, ABC Bandit Chippers offer exceptional after-sales service. Our workshop, field services and parts department will make sure that your stump grinder runs smoothly, with minimum downtime.

We have a list of the authorised dealers who can provide you with the genuine and original tools from our company to you. Thus, you can get the best stump grinder for sale and the most efficient service from ABC Bandit Chippers.

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