Bandit Beast Chipper & Shredder: The Biggest, Baddest and Meanest Wood Chippers You Will Find

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Bandit Beast Chipper & Shredder: The Biggest, Baddest and Meanest Wood Chippers You Will Find

The Bandit Beast line of industrial wood mulchers, chippers, shredders and general bush clearing and waste product recycling equipment has been an international standard since 1968. Following their successful launch and the popularity of their products, the company has successfully rolled out machine after machine over the course of its existence.

Well known for their reliability, strength and the company’s strict adherence to their mission of open partnership and quality of service, the Bandit Industries line of industrial Beast wood chippers and shredders has no equal.

For your perusal and enjoyment, let’s take a closer look into Bandit’s Beast® product line:

The Beast® 1680XP Wood Chipper, Shredder & Recycler

Starting with the smallest in the Beast® range, the 1680XP. The so-called “Son-of-a-Beast” is designed principally for use in smaller municipalities, tree servicing companies, smaller sawmills and recycling yards to mulch down and process waste products in the area and on-site.

Being their smallest and least costly in Bandit’s The Beast® range, while still delivering top-of-the-range service and packing a mean punch. The Beast® 1680XP wood chipper & shredder features a 26-tooth version of the well-known and patented Beast® cutter-mill at a 46 cm capacity.

This model can easily handle loose pieces of logging, wood chips, bark, waste from construction sites and trees, limbs and chips into a high-quality mulch.

If you wish, you can sell the high-quality mulch on the local market for a good price or even use it personally in your garden, orchard or vineyard.

The Beast® 2680XP Wood Chipper, Shredder & Recycler

Then, moving on to the next one we have in line, he 2460XP. The bigger brother to the 1680XP, The Beast® Model 2460XP boasts a performance level that’ll outstrip all others in its size classification.

More useful in small environmental cleaning and clearing operations, this Beast will happily munch its way through anything you put through it. If it be logs, small trees or skinny business rivals, the 2460XP will make short work of it.

Equipped with a 150 cm x 75 cm diameter cutter-mill which is also running the famously patented bandit saw-tooth style cutter-bodies that regulate the size of the Beast’s bite.

The Beast® Model 2460XP is towable, runs on diesel and should not be underestimated, ever.

The Beast® 3680XP Wood Chipper, Shredder & Recycler

The most popular of the bunch, The Beast® 3680XP wood chipper & shredder is a wood-hungry reduction machine in its own class. Being the most durable and outperforming all its mates in fuel efficiency versus power and performance. This machine also boasts being able to produce the widest field of end products of all of them.

Classily allowing you to choose in either 60-tooth or 30-tooth configurations, the 3680XP sweetens the deal by giving you another choice with a chipping drum which is an absolute must for biomass, mulch and screened wood chips markets.

The Bandit Beast® Model 3680XP offers a 90 cm x 150 cm opening, is towable, runs on electricity or diesel and can be attached to a track for that extra speed boost in your production line.

The Beast® 4680XP Wood Chipper, Shredder & Recycler

Now for the big guns. The huzzah! The big ‘un! The Conan the Barbarian of chippers in the Beast® range, the 4680XP is as they say a “high-production, no-compromise reduction machine.”

One thing is for sure, this beast will rip a hole in your backlog bigger than… well… It’ll be big!

Sporting variable engine options up to 1 200 horsepower and an absolutely whopping 120 cm x 150 cm mill-style opening, there’s no match for the sheer power and performance values this machine offers.

Turning large piles of waste into large piles of mulch, ripping a log into a garden bed, cleaning up storm damage and debris or recycling old shingles the Beast® Model 4680XP is simply the powerhouse of the Bandit Industries range.

The Bandit Beast® Model 4680XP is towable, runs on electricity or diesel and can be attached to a track.

Whatever your need might be, the Bandit range has something to suit everyone and every pocket, be sure to check all they have to offer and enjoy the sheer power of these amazing machines.

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