Bandit Beast 1680XP Horizontal Grinder

Model 1680XP

The Beast® Model 1680XP “Son of a Beast” is a cost-effective wood and waste recycling machine for smaller municipalities, tree service companies, sawmills and recycling yards to process and dispose of unwanted waste on-site. Featuring a 26-tooth version, it can easily process logging slash, wood chips, bark, construction waste, tree waste, limbs and chips into a high-quality mulch.

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Bandit Beast 4680XP Horizontal Grinder

Model 4680XP

The Beast® Model 4680XP is a high-production, no-compromise reduction machine. With engine options up to 1200 HP and a huge 1500 x 1100 mm mill opening, there isn’t another horizontal grinder on the market that can match it's level of production and performance. Whether turning large piles of waste wood into larger mulch piles, processing bulky chunk wood, cleaning up storm damage and debris after natural disasters, it is simply unstoppable.

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Bandit Beast 2680XP Horizontal Grinder

Model 2680XP

The Beast® Model 2680XP offers exceptional versatility for tree services, municipalities, logging operations, sawmills, recycling yards and many other end users seeking a one-size-fits-all recycling solution. With either a 600 mm or 890 mm by 1.5 m throat opening, the Model 2680XP can easily handle waste wood, plastic, rubber, roofing shingles, chunk wood and more. It produces screened wood chips.

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Bandit Beast 2460XP Horizontal Grinder

Model 2460XP

The Beast® Model 2460XP will out perform all other grinders in its size class. The 2460XP is equipped with a 1.5 m wide by 760 mm diameter cuttermill, a 1.5 m wide by 600 mm mill opening. This machine uses a 30-tooth cuttermill running Bandit’s patented saw-tooth style cutterbodies that regulate the size of the tooth’s bite. Most of the material is sized in the initial cut, so material exits the large screening area quicker.

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Bandit Beast 3680XP Horizontal Grinder

Model 3680XP

The most popular machine in The Beast® lineup is also one of the most popular reduction machines in the world. With a 1500 x 890 mm opening, the Model 3680XP is in a class all its own when it comes to production, fuel efficiency, durability, and producing a truly amazing range of end-products. Choose the patented cuttermill with either 60-tooth or 30-tooth configurations, or opt for a chipping drum to produce screened wood chips for biomass markets.

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