Bandit chippers are designed with quality, production and longevity in mind. Owning a Bandit wood chipper will always put you in the front seat of reliable wood chipping operations. In many cases, the Bandit wood chipper sets the benchmark for other brands in the wood chipping industry.

Available from WP Chipper Hire & Sales

The whole range of Bandit equipment is now available from W.P Chipper Hire and Sales t/a Africa Biomass Company. We not only specialise in the supplying, service and maintenance of any Bandit chipper, The Beast® stump grinder or forestry mower but over the past 10 years ABC (Africa Biomass Company) in partnership with Môreson Grondverskuiwers have built up a substantial fleet of Bandit Beast 2680 horizontal grinders. We are privileged to serve our customers as the authorised agent for Bandit Industries in Southern Africa.

Become an Owner of a Bandit Chipper

All existing and new customers are welcome to contact us if they want to become the owner of the top class range of Bandit equipment. Bandit Industries have delivered successful recycling solutions to basically every corner of the planet.

Africa Biomass Company offers hands-on advice on the practical challenges associated with waste wood processing. With a proven track record in the recycling of woody biomass from Cape Town to Mussina, and all over South Africa, we can assist any customer in setting up a tailor-made solution for their specific chipping and grinding needs. This applies to the processing of in-field waste, waste timber, fruit tree recycling, boiler fuel production, stump removal, and many other relevant aspects.

Bandit wood chippers are the obvious choice for anyone who wants to be part of above-par operations in the wood recycling industry.

Africa Biomass Company is ready to supply the right Bandit wood chipping solution with advice and aftercare at your doorstep. With a Bandit, you will truly be able to BUILD YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

A Commitment To Support

Africa Biomass Company is fully equipped and stocked to service and repair any Bandit machine anywhere in South Africa. Because of our expertise and our own experience, all our Bandit customers can rest assured that we understand the needs and requirements to keep machines running amid the unique demands of the South African working environment.

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Hire a Wood Chipper

Looking for a Wood chipper to hire? We can refer you to relevant machines available in your area.